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Aggravated Assault with Firearm – Dismissed

Grand Theft, 3rd Degree – Dismissed

Possession of Cocaine – Dismissed

Cannabis/Trafficking – Not Guilty at Trial

Aggravated Assault On a Police Officer – 9 month Sentence

Medicaid Fraud – Probation

2nd Degree Murder – Dismissed

Running a lottery/Paraphernalia – Probation

Grand Theft – Dismissed

Failure to maintain Pawn records – Dismissed

Aggravated Battery – Dismissed

Strong-arm robbery – Probation

Burglary, Assault & Battery – Dismissed

Forgery – Dismissed

Battery/Felony – Withhold Adjudication & Probation

Double Homicide – Dismissed

Personal Injury

Automobile Accident

Represented family of three, rear-end collision, POLICY LIMITS within 30 days, for all three

Automobile Accident

Right front end damage to vehicle; POLICY LIMITS in less than a year

Automobile Accident

Driver failed to obey flashing red light; POLICY LIMITS within 3 months

Automobile Accident

Driver took red light, POLICY LIMITS

Automobile Accident

Driver ran flashing red light; POLICY LIMITS in less than a year

Automobile Accident

Rear-end collision, POLICY LIMITS

Automobile Accident

Represented driver and passenger; crash to the right side of the vehicle; POLICY LIMITS for each client in less than a year

Automobile Accident

Vehicle struck on right side; POLICY LIMITS within 8 months

Civil Rights

Jury awarded his client over $650,000.00.

Wills & Probate

Probate Matter – Settled case with over 3 Million dollars in assets

Administered millions of dollars’ worth of property


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