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Richard Martinez graduated from the University of Miami School of Law in 1987. Upon graduation, he was a State prosecutor under Janet Reno, and cross-designated a federal criminal prosecutor.

In 1996, Mr. Martinez became a Partner in a Civil Litigation firm. While there, he oversaw all litigation, and handled complex civil matters.

Mr. Martinez has over 21 years experience handling automobile accidents and other civil matters with successful results.

Although Mr. Martinez has tried countless cases, equally important is the credibility that comes with that fact: his position to negotiate settlements without trial. The only number of cases that exceed the number of his trials, is the number of cases he has successfully settled for his clients. If your case can be settled, Mr. Martinez will get you the best possible result.

Mr. Martinez’ record and reputation speaks for itself.

He now has his own firm and practices out of Coral Gables, providing clients the opportunity to receive big firm representation while providing small firm attention to clients.

Mission Statement

Our end goal is to simply win the case. However, before we reach that objective, we construct a set of goals. We initially perform a thorough review of the evidence, in addition to Mr. Martinez personally reviewing the evidence, and bringing in a team of experts who specialize in the area of law where your case fall.

Everyone’s case is unique. Some cases conform to the norm, and others do not. But each case we receive has one thing in common, privacy. What goes on in the office, stays in the office. When a document is stored in our computer systems, your information is protected by firewalls. We protect your information



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